Tall Tails Pocket Dog Towel 36" x 10"


Tall Tails Pocket Dog Towel 36" x 10"

If your dog likes the outdoors and needs to be washed and cleaned often, this Tall Tails Pocket Towel can help dry your dog in a jiffy.

Designed with two pockets, this towel gives you more control when drying and allows you to reach those hard-to-dry places.

The terry fiber fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton, which makes the drying process efficient and quick.

* Convenient dog towel measuring 36" x 10"
* Versatile for bath time, beach adventures, or rainy days with your pup
* Comes with pockets on both ends for easier drying
* Made in super soft terry fiber, 50% more absorbent material than cotton
* Machine wash and dry for easy clean up