Cookie Moon Doggie Wash & Splash- 2oz.

$3.75 $4.99

Cookie Moon Doggie Wash is the perfectly sweet way to clean your dirty dog. Your doggie will be the envy of ALL at the dog park, beach, doggie day care and just about anywhere those furry little legs may roam.

Packaged in recyclable amber bottles, Cookie Moon Doggie Wash is handmade using natural & organic ingredients. Decyl Polyglucose is our cleansing agent: an extremely gentle cleanser perfect for sensitive pooches. Combined with organic herbs to protects & calm, botanical extracts to promote & maintain hair growth, organic sweet almond oil to aid in moisturizing your doggies coat, organic apple cider vinegar to naturally fight off pesky fleas and organic aloe vera to soothe any skin irritations; Cookie Moon Doggie Wash gives your dog the soft & fluffly coat they've been craving. Well okay.... let's not get crazy. The coat you've been craving for your dog.

Cookie Moon dog sprays are the perfect companion to the Cookie Moon Shampoo line & will quickly become your "other" best friend during those hectic times when you haven't been able to give your doggie a proper Cookie Moon Bath. Cookie Moon dog sprays are made using simple ingredients, such as aloe vera to soothe skin irritation and organic sweet almond oil to moisturize your doggies coat. Every sprinkle will refresh and soften while filling the air with yummy Cookie Moon scents.

Cookie Moon Doggie Splash is great for those in-between bath times, rainy days when your favorite doggie smells like wet dog (we all know that smell), on the bed, in the car, just because you want too!