Climbing Rope Carabiner Leashes by Wilderdog (2 sizes)


Small carabiner leashes are all 5 feet in length, and made of rock climbing rope, proving to be the most durable leash available. The small dog leash rope is a bit thinner than the regular ropes, at 5/16". The small dog leashes are made for small to medium sized dogs.

Big carabiner leashes have a 3/8" rope & are 5 feet in length. They are made for medium sized dogs and larger.

Each leash ships with a locking carabiner so your dog can't become unclipped (or backclip himself). The carabiner makes it easy to clip your pup anywhere - while getting your touring skins on, organizing your trad rack at the crag, or getting a cup of joe at your coffee shop.

*These carabiner leashes are are suitable for use with for almost all collars, including everyday buckle collars, quick release collars, prong collars, martingale collars, gentle leader-style walkers, harnesses, etc. Because they do not have a swivel function, please do not use with a metal choke chain training slip collar.

Wilderdog leashes are made and assembled in the US of A and are backed by a lifetime warranty.