Minty Apple Bites


Ingredients: whole grain flour, oats, apples, fresh mint, fresh parsley, honey & flax seed

Apples contain vitamin A & C, fiber & calcium which are beneficial to the health of your pup’s muscles & bones. Apples also help keep your pup’s teeth clean & breath fresh

Oats are high in fiber, antioxidants & vitamin B & E as well as zinc, iron & selenium.

Parsley is packed with protein, fiber, & vitamins A, C, B1, B2, & K which helps neutralize odor-causing bacteria

Mint is a wonderful ingredient that helps soothe upset stomach & freshen breath.

Please allow 3 extra days for baking before shipping

No sugar or salt added, no artificial preservatives, no fillers, no by-products, no fake flavoring or coloring.

Made fresh to order with only human-grade ingredients.

** Treats are not meant to take the place of veterinary care**