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Finally! Dehydrated Pumpkin! No more cans! No more waste!… just add water. FiRM UP! + Cranberry not only slows down your pets ride on the “Hershey Highway”, it provides urinary tract support as well.

This amazing supplement made with 100% USA grown natural pumpkin flesh and apple fiber and cranberries works as an effective anti-diarrheal, constipation aid and works to support your pets urinary tract.

Pumpkin tastes good to pets. Add a little to their daily feedings to keep them “regular” or as a supplement when the “runs” strike.

FiRM UP! is also a great product to use when transitioning to a new or different food (diet). The fiber helps digestion and makes the switch much easier on your pets digestive tract.

FIRM UP! is 100% USA grown dried Pumpkin and Apple Fiber. Pumpkin is low in fat and dense in nutrients such as Alpha and Beta Carotenes, Fiber, Vitamin C + E, Potassium, Magnesium and Pantothenic Acid.

Apple Fiber is an excellent source of vitamin C and Potassium. Apple fiber is a soluble fiber that regularizes bowel motility and stimulates sluggish colons. Apple helps purge accumulated toxic build up, making it a powerful detoxification agent working in your pets body. This super supplement was created for your pets health… because we DiG your DOG!… and your carpet.

Cranberry contains Proanthocyanidins (PAC’s) which inhibit the adhesion of harmful bacteria reproduction needed for infection. It is these unique compounds (PAC’s) that are critical in the prevention of urinary tract infection.

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